A Home I call “The Cottage”

A Home I call
A Home I call “The Cottage”

One of the basic necessities is shelter. Now a days, since everything is hiking, owning a house is quite a heavy load not unless you have acquired one from your parents or you inherit it. Lucky you. While if you don’t have you really need to move that butt and do something. You don’t want to rent your whole life, right? Others, take loan, to finish it off fast, I mean the construction. Others, buy a ready to live in units in subdivisions or townhouses, either in cash(if you have a fat account) or installment basis. Some buy pre-owned then reconstruct etc.

In my case, I acquired this little shelter in a subdivision in a cheap price. It’s 90 sq. mtrs(I bought it in cash). For me, it’s not about how grand or expensive a house is, it’s about how you beautify it in your most clever way(like what I did that anyone who sees my house gets amazed, really! It is really small as you can see but I will show you later on what huge things are inside it(tinganinganing!). Since I was small, I always dreamt to live in a cottage(like a fairytale) and I have this thing over small spaces(weird?). I don’t like huge type houses especially with contemporary designs. I want a simple, not usual(especially in my homeland, Philippines), cute and designed by me of course.

So, this is the view that you will see from outside. I am sorry because the gate is not clearly seen. I will try to dig from my photo gallery if I have a full shot. I can’t take a shot now because I am out of the country(working in Dubai). The bermuda grass.are not  yet fully grown in this photo.

We will slowly get inside… 🙂


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