Pathways to the Shade

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I saw these garden tools from my favorite shop and I was so happy because it was so cheap(that shop really sells good stuffs in a very unbelievable cheap price but you just need to check from time to time because the good stuffs come by chances(hihi). Now they are nailed in my garden! 🙂 Do you see them?

The second photo shows pathways and in between are bermuda grass(by the way, we didn’t hire a landscaper for this matter). It is so easy to make these pathways, I swear!


Find wood slabs and make a square shape as a molder. It’s up to you if how big or thick you want  the cement or pathway is. I used 2×2 wood slabs for the molder.

Next, you have to dig a square shape hole enough for your molder to fit in. Depth should be 3/4 deep as the height of the molder. The rest will give space to the flat surface of the pathway.

Once cement is poured inside the molder let it dry for sometime before you remove the molder from it then alas! I have saved again. 🙂

You can also see a shed in the photo. Again, this is made of wood slabs(very useful, right?). We use it as a potting shed when we do the gardening, a sitting area to chit chat in the afternoon or even at night and/or a drinking area(liquor), hihihi… In the Philippines, this kind of space or shed(some call it kubo-kubo but the real kubo-kubo(hut) is made of bamboo and grass roof)serves as a relaxing area especially during siesta. Some also eat here mostly at lunch time. In short, this is a bonding place. Agree? 🙂 So sweet looking, right?


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