Getting BORED makes NEW things

10269461_10203004597051860_7204987203791406488_n (1)


Here’s a side of my living room. A typical set up but I made it different in accordance to my style. There are ore things to do and I will keep you updated, for sure. 🙂



This is how the other side of my living room looks before. There used to be a wall paper. By the way, I stitched those small green cushions. I repurposed an old fitted sheet ^_^.




Now, it looks like this. I know, the old one looks more welcoming and happy. Just got bored of the wallpaper. I will buy a new one then I’ll make this side cheerful again.I even took off the cushions because some of the covers are worn out. I am just waiting for another fitted sheet to get old, lol! Also, I am planning to do some painting on the furniture.

That stuffed toy will always sit there. It’s my buddy whenever I’m sitting and watching TV. It’s been lying there for 7 years now. True!

I hope you liked my small living room. How about you? Do you also get bored at times with your house setting?


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