#DIY for my NUTS and PENS

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Instead of throwing this empty Cadbury canister I turned it into a pretty one where I can stuff my favorite nuts and have a munch whenever I get time(at work).


1. Cover the empty canister with any beautiful wrapping paper. I used paper glue to stick the paper around the canister.

2. Cut a flower like pattern(I used felt cloth this time)to cover the lid but leave the center open so it will be easier for you to open it if you want to store something inside the canister(obviously).

3. Cut a small flower pattern and two small leaves to give accent to the lid cover.

The next DIY is an old water glass. My pen holder is spoilt so I thought of  making use of the glass. It was so simple! Just draw whatever design you want on a colored paper, cut and stick. Then ready to stuff your pens inside!

Have you tried making these? It’s fun right? ❤




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