Kitchen here, kitchen there :)



Here’s how my old small kitchen looks like(this is just a part of it). It was really small that only one person can move inside to do kitchen thing. Since, we are in the country side, water is not a problem nor we need to pay for it because it’s free coming from the ground through the pump system. That’s why as you can see, my sink has no faucet because when we need to use water, we just fill a bucket then carry it inside the kitchen. A small basin is what we use to pour water to wherever we need it for. That is how it is in the Philippines if you don’t have that water system which water is transferred though those pipes or hose and every month you pay the bill. If you don’t then, you don’t get the supply. Hai! That’s why I love living in the country side. Life is so simple and so many things are free! 🙂


befaf (1)


In the Philippines, we have this so called, “dirty kitchen”. Over there, we cook using chopped pieces of wood. In short, we can cook, wash, etc. even at our messy way since it is an extension of the proper, well kept kitchen. This second photo is used to be my dirty kitchen but since my proper kitchen is so small, I decided to move here. Now, I don’t have a dirty kitchen anymore. That stove is so traditional, lol! I am more comfortable using it than the gas range because I find it complicated. Actually, most household use this traditional thing because that gas range with oven is quite expensive and not everyone bakes or roasts etc… ^_^

How do you find my kitchen? Have a nice day!


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