Pending CRAFT finished atlast & another piece and another piece!


Atlast! I got a hold of this pending work for almost 3 weeks now I guess. Finally, I can deliver it. The owner has been eating my head about this order of hers, lol!

And I have another pretty piece dears. This is one of my favorites.

10659388_10204047502643848_938096624413950939_n10616307_10204047503843878_8740096136771333128_n 10501607_10204047505163911_1389081410097161402_n  1176166_10204047506963956_6018685690528359927_n

10625132_10204041314569150_8638354484028818525_n (1)

10653354_10204042999411270_8012744320694913184_n (1)

Alas! It’s pretty right? I used a pink marker(the colored ones that you use when you want to HIGHLIGHT something while reading or reviewing)on its cheek as a blush. I dashed it so it will spread evenly. Not bad because it came so light.If you also plan to use it, don’t put too much pressure on using the pen. Strike it light, like when you want a dot on your paper then spread it to create that blush.


I have cut the pieces of my next craft. Do you have any idea what it is? I am again excited to finish this, lol! I hope it doesn’t go in the pending list again.

How do you like my new CRAFT? ❤


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