#DIY Challenge for a lil Christmas tree

10845898_10204593626056592_1354499060608667928_n My resourcefulness was being challenged by making this little christmas tree. There were no glue, strings and sticks so I just used whatever was available.

From the photos that follow, you will see how I made it. 🙂 PicMonkey Collage1

I used a cardboard and shaped it into a cone… PicMonkey Collage2

I used the scissors not only for cutting but also for giving that green paper little curls. See? Then I attached it to the cone. I started from the bottom. PicMonkey Collage3 I cut  small triangle shaped papers that will look like banners. No glue? I used that packing tape. See? No string? I twisted and twisted that packing tape. Walaaa! an instant banner! PicMonkey Collage4

A star on top but no stick? Paper clip it is! xmas4

Finished! My little christmas tree. How do you like it? ❤


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