My small #porch


Early in the morning, whenever I am at home, I use to sit here and have my cup of coffee. While sitting, I enjoy looking at my small garden. This part of my home is my haven. I know I need to do more improvements on my porch(sorry because I am not there all the time).


Hmmmm… when I am there, everything seems to be alive. These aren’t the plants I placed by the window before I left. It’s ok. I still love the shutter, the shade on top of the window, the plant holder and that PORCH SIGN that I made :P.

11058716_858063700954359_6159625185582079603_n    gu

My HIBISCUS are growing and flowers are coming out. I hope by the time I go home for vacation, my little garden is colorful because of them.


Need some trimming here. My little bugs are nowhere to be found now. Where is the gnome standing there? I really need to go home and find them. 😛

I miss my little cottage with all of these around it. My PORCH, my comfort.

How about you? What you love most about your home?


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