#DIY HEN Paper Mache


Lately, I begun to fall inlove with chicken decorations which made me tried the rooster stencil on an old pot(https://pinaycountrycottage.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/591/) and now, a hen paper mache! She is adorable, isn’t she?

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This is how I made this pretty hen paper mache but If you want a better version, you can check my inspiration here 


I made my own since I didn’t want to buy the printable patterns :P. It was a tough time for me to make each part fit with one another but since I am resourceful, I was able to make my paper mache a success(I guess). ^_^ 😛


Draw a pattern first then trace it on a a cardboard. The body part and the wattles should be in two pieces. The rest is one piece each like the arch back part cover and the belly cover down.

Note: It’s up to you if you want to put wings. In my case, I did not. 🙂


After cutting the traced pattern, begin to fit them one by one. I am sorry I can’t show how I fitted them because as what I’ve said I had a hard time. Anyways, before closing from the arch back of the hen, stuff it first with crampled papers.


Now it is closed, see? You have now the basic form. Then begin to cover the whole of your hen with torn pieces of paper or cut pieces of paper. To have more information about the paper mache recipes, you can check these ingredients here http://www.ultimatepapermache.com/paper-mache-recipes. I just used a normal glue mixed with water.


After covering the whole chicken with pieces of torn/cut papers, it’s your turn now to cover it with a very nice printed paper of your choice. On the edgings, make sure to cut the paper as shown so the fitting, especially on some curvatures will be perfect. Don’t forget to attach the wattles!


Now, you can paint the head part of your paper mache. I chose red for the crown and wattles and black for the beak. Put some ribbon on its neck if you want, then PRESTO!

I named her, KOKOK. 😛

I hope you will try as well LOVES. For first timers, it will be kind of tough but it’s worth it. See for yourself!


Ayie ❤


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