#Repurposed little jars and tin cans

11014935_10205792915198071_5139372964798951971_n 11017676_10205792913598031_1513946791623851517_n

I didn’t want to throw them off so I thought of just dressing them up a little bit :).

11295803_10205792914278048_7621199413083119686_n 11350447_10205792913238022_8489616606710112870_n

I just grabbed some leftover fabrics, brushed some glue




11046885_10205792912998016_3559353034015115442_n 11207375_10205792911357975_8721252657271172269_n 11041641_10205792912277998_1706756998082517260_n 10524595_10205792912638007_2976203556093495177_n

How do you like them now?

Love ❤



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