#Repurposed Plastic Milk Bottle(LOVEBIRDS CAGE)


When some things are needed to be thrown and I get that feeling of “HESITANCE”, it means I can do something about them. This cutipie lovebirds cage is made of an empty plastic bottle of fresh milk. 🙂 ❤


1. I cleaned the plastic bottle first.

2. Grabbed my scissors then cut the bottle in the middle. I took the bottom part

3. I traced the size of the opening to a cardboard for it’s cover.

4. After I cut the traced cover I poke three small holes, enough for the strings to get inserted(middle hole for the string with heart then the other two for the swing strings).

5. Before I inserted the string, I cut paper heart in two pieces then attached them with a glue to the other end of the string(place the string in between the cut hearts). Then I inserted it to the middle hole of the cover.

6. I cut triangle shaped papers for the Bunting then attached them to the string(see photo on how).

7. I drew a bird, cut then covered it with a nice paper. Of course I made two of it.

8. I tied string on both ends of the small black stick as the Lovebird’s swing.

9. I glued the Lovebird’s on the stick, attached the bunting on both ends of it(just below the sitting Lovebirds), then inserted the swing strings to the bottle opening cover holes.

10. I dressed the cover up with a nice paper and made sure that the knots from the strings will get covered.

11. I used stick glue to seal the cover then hide the glue remnants with a lovely ribbon.


Note: Before sealing the cover, you can think of any add ons to make your Lovebird’s cage more adorable. In my case, I cut small pieces of paper then pour them in.

10981215_10205042541279192_5653009842552809587_n 10426561_10205042542119213_8471216274574828091_n10177897_10205042542519223_1533375229029541032_n

That small black stick will play as the swing for the Lovebirds.

10471001_10205042543119238_4247467931531009147_n1779871_10205042543599250_269336787402644417_n10251898_10205042542839231_167693087199666045_n 10922469_10205042539679152_6555258079023124762_n    10421965_10205042539959159_6604705605482505119_n10410972_10205042540319168_8438579852283152660_n10686895_10205042540639176_5929822384915729983_n    10982464_10205042543879257_7495642762126084579_n


It’s ADORABLE, right?

I hope you will try to make one, too!

Have a great day sweeties!


Ayie ❤


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