#DIY Bird House made from Cardboard

1480682_10205969134963455_1458343721653771574_n 11392836_10205969136683498_7319497170353588764_n

This is what I did the whole day of my off last week. Instead of sewing, which I really have planned, I ended up once more doing this. I didn’t regret because I guess it’s worth it. These are my very own Bird House version.

How I made them is very simple(I guess).

1. Grabbed some cardboard.

2. Drew desired shape/design.

3. Cut

4. Patched pieces to make them one(as seen). I used the packing tape.

5. Covered them with pretty papers.

6. Placed some accents like ribbon, bunting, butterfly cut, flower cut(there are plenty of ideas).

7. Presto!

bh4 bh1

I am gonna fill something in here. ^_^

bh bh2

Among three, this is what I love most ❤


They are pretty, right?

Love ❤



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