#Repurposed Tin Cans(again)


Last time, I used fabric to cover those tin cans and turned them into pretty containers. This time, I used papers.

How I  made them is the same step as I did with the fabric.

1. I cut the paper according to the size of the tin(the body of the tin).

2. Glued the cut paper into the tin.

3. I used these decorative tape(I bought from this Japanese store name, DAISO)for the lid since it’s difficult to wrap it with paper.

4. Presto!

Note: These tins are merely for display only. You can’t stuff anything inside because once you close it with the lid, opening it again would spoil the paper/cover.

17707_10206003369979309_2265557242428924439_n11401086_10206003372339368_5031808250620437943_n1660763_10206003371779354_4088021744121604047_n11407274_10206003370619325_1516153907210836495_n 11426737_10206003372739378_1448005564690830791_n11401279_10206003373139388_4518471050903152146_n


I made another one, to make a company ;).


Have you tried repurposing anything yet?

Love ❤



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