#Paper Mache chickens


Recently, I posted about my first paper mache creation(hen), which I named, Kokok. From then on, I began to use papers in my crafting activities. look at this. Another good example of making use of paper instead of fabric or felt(an excuse because I don’t get time to grab fabrics and sew). Those chickens on the screen are so adorable that I really wanted to make my version, but since I don’t get time to sit and sew, I made a paper mache version. SEE!


They are almost the same as the ones made of fabric, right?


Soooo cutipiiiieee they are!


I made an addition to those cutie ones- a mother hen, turned into a flower vase. Initially, I wanted this to be an egg tray but I realized the color won’t match the stand that I made for it to seat on(I will show you later sweeties). So, I finally decided to stuff it with flowers ^_^. Bright idea, right?

On how I made them, refer to this link as what I did myself.


Goodluck sweeties!

Love ❤



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