#DIY Fabric Chickens


I am really having this unhealthy obsession with chicken ^_^. They are just so adorable that I can’t stop myself from creating them in any means possible, be it cardboard, paper, felt, fabric etc. For this matter, I just stitched my fabric chicken. Here’s the quick steps:

1. Drew a pattern

2. Cut and traced on the chosen fabric(part by part; there were 6 plus the body and each should be in two pieces)

3. Stitched and put them together

4. Left a small opening for the stuffing

5. Stuffed(I used rice for the door stopper and cotton for the other one)

6. Closed the opening



I had this one sat in a small basket. Put some heart accent with a “WELCOME” written on a paper on it.


See. She will sit by the door :).


This is the other one stuffed with cotton.

ch3 ch4

She sits in a basket as well ^_^.


They are adorable, aren’t they?

Love ❤



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