#DIY Paper clip Designs


I was looking at these paper clips awhile ago and I realized, they look so boring. I decided to dress them up using the left over printed papers which I used in my recent paper crafs(paper hen, bunting).

It’s very easy! Just grab your:

  1. Printed Papers
  2. Scissors
  3.  Glue
  4. Glue stick
  5. Cardboard
  6. and of course the Paper Clips


You can cut any design that you want. There are endless ideas! Be creative 🙂


See this side? On its tip, you should glue cut small pieces of cardboard(2 pcs.). Do as what is seen on the photo.


Now, on this side glue/paste the desired design. I used a flower design which I cut of course. It appears like this in the back. The cardboard will make the paper design stronger and more stuck to the clip.


There’s the front view! I put some dot in the center and finished!


I made a heart design as well. Same step I followed. 🙂


I also thought of cutting a small bunting. See the photo?


Glue and finished!


They don’t look boring at all, right?

Love ❤



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