#DIY Cushion Covers(for Christmas)


I am sorry I can’t show much of the photos on how I made this but I know crafters like me would figure it out by merely looking at the photo. The photos got deleted(I dont know how 😥 and this is only what I have saved. Anyways, I wil try to give the steps which are very easy. I am gonna use themon Christmas!

  1. Draw your prefered design into a cardboard
  2. Trace it on a felt cloth(what I used for the bigger reindeer and fabric for the smaller deer in stripes).
  3. The face should be in different cloth as well as the horns, nose and ears
  4. Meanwhile, you should have already measured the size of your cushion before attaching/sewing the design onto your cushion
  5. Start with the design sewing on the cushion fabric(I chose white and red)
  6. After its finished, sew your cushion from inside or that inner side.
  7. Finished

There is going to be a PART TWO of this post for the finished product.

I hope you like it though.

Love ❤


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