#DIY Earpiece Cord Organizer

12193614_10206995217654881_2426448230350735853_n - Copy

I have been thinking what to give my friends as a token on our party next month. I wanted something unique, useful and easy to make and of course, pocket friendly :P. Then finally, I thought of this cutipie earpiece cord organizer. I made about 20 pcs. in 3 hours with interruptions :(.


How I made them was quite simple.

1. Bought 40 pcs.of laundry clipss which for a piece needs 2 pieces(that’s why I only ended up in 20 pcs whether I like it or not 😛 ).

2. I cut some printed papers which width are same as the clips.

3. I glued 2 clips which openings or mouths are opposite ways.


4. Then I covered them with the cut papers.


5. Placed some accessory on top



6. I used small white paper bags(I bought from the Japanese Store called, DAISO) to wrap them.

7. I cut some printed papers into small squares and pasted them to close the paper bag( I don’t want to spend more on stickers or washi tapes :P). SEE that?

12189540_10206995217814885_8109506235442871783_n - Copy10347188_10206995218334898_2669205108424268275_n - Copy12189874_10206995218014890_3333545541776988228_n - Copy12196293_10206995219174919_6873783856638521459_n

12109175_10206995218734908_4325052378982698002_n - Copy


DIYing really saves you from spending much, right?

Love ❤



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