#DIY Little Miss Piggy Cushion


A little adorable girl(daughter of my friend)requested for this. It was not told which character she wants actually but the night I was preparing for the things that are needed, I was watching “The Muppets”. Yes, I know. She doesn’t look like Ms. Piggy but atleast she’s a pig, lol!

So, I started cutting here and there.


  1. I drew the ears and nose. Cut and traced traced on a felt cloth.
  2. I also traced a detail of the ears on a fabric.
  3. I cut a square piece of felt with round edges for the face.




3. After cutting the pieces, I started stitching the nose(I put two circles in the middle to look like nose holes ^_^).

4. Did some backstitch for the mouth.

5. Cut two black small circles for the eyes then glued them on the face.

6. I also cut a piece of cloth then did some basic stitches at one edge till the end then pulled the thread a bit to create a lace-like for the neck accessory.


7. I started sewing from inside(the back part of the fabric) with the ears.

8. I left a small opening for the stuffing then hand stitched to close.

9. I attached the lace just down the face then stitched on a white crochet ribbon(bought from the Japanese store, Daiso).

10. I put some ribbon as well near to the ear as head accessory 🙂


11. Presto!


Little Miss Piggy-like! :))

Next post will be Kermit ^_^ so stay tuned Sweeties :*

Love ❤


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