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My #DIY PORCH and Garden(in & out)

Hello, sweeties! I know it’s been a while. I got so hooked with so many things. I went for a long vacation to Philippines etc.

Anyways, I would like to share some changes in my little porch and smally garden.


13882476_10208984724231302_4937050661228873888_n13872930_10208984708550910_1461580542260085351_n13880233_10208984708150900_5402828807021506976_n13659136_10208984707710889_1825611231286314801_n13658970_10208984708990921_3873729276055341909_n13754348_10208984706190851_2583867648624413525_n13669668_10208984706030847_9010090327551833660_n (1)13615024_10208984707270878_8856663973533003962_n13872709_10208984706510859_816201726375652925_n13524302_10208702621418908_3466921304486739213_n13533331_10208702626459034_1538533206109232760_n13533026_10208702621898920_737240056957437931_n13466369_10208702625819018_1460807445074801491_n13507208_10208702625459009_2510320039504501085_n13512037_10208702627019048_6026902310308976363_n13501566_10208702622818943_8465553301925589623_n

My outside GARDEN


Next post will be my bedroom 🙂

Have a great day!



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