Hi, sweeties!

I have got three wall decor ideas that are fun and easy to do. Two of them are made from cardboard or carton boxes and the other one is a flower decorated string lights.

If you want to see how I made them you can watch at my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The narration is in my native language but you can fully understand the instruction by merely watching the video. I hope you will also subscribe though. Thank you :* .

Here is the link.


The edgings could have been perfectly done but I got lazy 😛 😛

I hope you will go and watch guys!

Thank you.




#DIY Sharpie Mugs

Hi, Sweeties!

Actually, this post was supposed to be posted in December but since I became too busy, I totally forgot about it. Sorry again 😦

These Sharpie Mugs were ordered by a friend to gift officemates on their Christmas party.



Sharpies, cheap white mugs, huge cooking vessel with a lid(if no oven), ethyl alcohol, pieces of cotton balls, pencil, blank paper, scissors

How to:

Note: I don’t have an oven. I baked them in a huge cooking vessel with a lid on medium to low fire for an hour 😛

  1. I washed the mugs to remove dirt then dry.
  2. I browsed on the internet for some cute designs as inspiration for my mugs designs.
  3. I directly drew on the mugs. I used the ethyl alcohol dropped in a piece of cotton ball in erasing when it was needed.*You can also draw your design first on a piece of paper then scribble VERY HARD the backside(of the drawing) then place the paper on top of the area of the mug where you want the design to be placed with the scribbled part under then start tracing over your drawing(like stenciling). The pencil led will get stuck on the mug which will give you the chance to trace that using your sharpie and get an awesome outcome! SMART!
  4. I let them dry overnight then started baking not in an oven but on a stove(I am so smart 😛 ). I heated the vessel first then filled in my mugs and covered. At first, it was in medium fire then I lowered it. I waited for 1 hour then cooled them down. If you have an oven, you are lucky! The  oven baking varies in time. I am really not sure. I am just sharing how I baked mine.
  5. Tested them for washing. I hand-washed them with dishwashing soap and sponge but I get rid of the design as much as possible. It worked. The designs didn’t fade!



  1. 15310397_10210174695819848_1573296702_n15310606_10210174695899850_65268032_n15320285_10210174695859849_446287349_n15327669_10210174695739846_777921166_n15355980_10210174695779847_1588652661_n

I hope you learned something unusual ^_^, sweeties!



#DIY Mod Podge Shoe/Shirt Boxes(repurposed)

HELLO! Yes, it is me again, sweeties.

I really want to be productive while sitting home. I was clearing some unwanted stuffs and I saw these empty shoe box and shirt boxes(which I got from an online shop). I admit my crafting tools/stuffs are everywhere! I barely get time to nicely keep them because I am a working woman and I only get a little bit of time during my off days(and that is just once a week). This is also the reason why I am on and off in posting and showcasing my DIY ideas or how you may call it(lols). I am just waiting for something at this time that is why I am a free woman for couple and couple of days!! Yey!

Ok, so here it is now. I am presenting my new repurposed items where I can organize and stuff my crafting tools and the likes.



Empty boxes, printed papers(got the prints online ^_^ downloaded and copy pasted them in an A4 size paper then print!), lace for the accent, glue(I just used an ordinary white glue)a brush, glue stick, pencil for tracing and masking tape(optional).



How to:

  1. I traced the size of every corner of the boxes that needed to be covered then cut.
  2. I applied a good a mount of glue then pasted the paper on each part(I did not cover the inside because I am a big time lazy specimen!)
  3. You can think of how you want to mix match your printed papers or create a design out of them like what I did. Example is that music note prints. I cut some rose prints and pasted them on top of that. Then on the other box, I pasted two different prints and on the third box, I glued a piece of lace. It is up to you. BE CREATIVE!
  4. I poured an amount of glue with a sufficient part of water which I think I could apply for the whole three boxes. This will give the finish of a mod podge. Left to dry for sometime then PRESTO!


You can now start digging for old/empty shoe boxes or any box which you can make use of sweeties. I guarantee you, they are really pretty and functional. I am just beginning to stuff my things in them and I am so happy!

I hope you liked this post.






#DIY HAND-Painted Mason Jars

Hello, Sweeties!

I have got another thing that’s keeping me busy. Aside from the clothespin, I am at the moment into this as well.

These painted mason jars can be used in many ways. They can be candle holders or you can stuff them with little things(whatever you want that can fit in) then cover-up with their lids.



  • Acrylic gloss paint (for glass)
  • Acrylic spray paint
  • Small flat paint brush
  • Small piece of sponge(I used for smudges)
  • Alcohol
  • Paper plate to use as a palette
  • Toothpicks to paint the small details
  • Mason jars
  • Jute strings(for accent/ornament)


  1. Wipe down the jars with alcohol to remove all dirt and oils.
  1. Start with the design that you want. At the moment, I chose snowman(it will be in variations) then with my favorite fruits, watermelon and strawberry. There are plenty of designs that you can think of.  Let dry.
  2. While waiting for the paint to dry, paint the lids with acrylic spray.
  3. Surround the jar’s neck with jute string for an accent/ornament.


I hope you liked my work.



#DIY Polka Dots Curtains <3


My off was a successful day because I was able to sit and sew! See!!

11402998_10206079648806232_6004548276649208637_n 11403003_10206079647046188_2976288241656062660_n 11329950_10206038081087065_1723163822921676504_npd5

Just sooo happy with what I had accomplished.

pd pd1 pd3  pd4pd2

I have nothing to say but, I LOVE these curtains! Finally, sewing was possible.

How do you like them sweeties? dot dot dot!! 🙂

Love ❤


Sew us!


I bought these fabrics in a shop called CRAFTLAND. All their products are from UK. I really adore that shop but the only problem is, items are quite costly. I have thought of so many things to make out of these fabrics but I don’t have enough time. I also bought these cushion sheets from a shop that sells very affordable items from all sorts, which I don’t intend to use as a cup cover or a bath mat or placemat but for something else like a bunting or a coaster maybe.

I just hope that this weekend, I could sit and turn these stuffs into pretty creations!

What is your plan for this coming weekend?


Ayie ❤

#Repurposed Plastic Milk Bottle(LOVEBIRDS CAGE)


When some things are needed to be thrown and I get that feeling of “HESITANCE”, it means I can do something about them. This cutipie lovebirds cage is made of an empty plastic bottle of fresh milk. 🙂 ❤


1. I cleaned the plastic bottle first.

2. Grabbed my scissors then cut the bottle in the middle. I took the bottom part

3. I traced the size of the opening to a cardboard for it’s cover.

4. After I cut the traced cover I poke three small holes, enough for the strings to get inserted(middle hole for the string with heart then the other two for the swing strings).

5. Before I inserted the string, I cut paper heart in two pieces then attached them with a glue to the other end of the string(place the string in between the cut hearts). Then I inserted it to the middle hole of the cover.

6. I cut triangle shaped papers for the Bunting then attached them to the string(see photo on how).

7. I drew a bird, cut then covered it with a nice paper. Of course I made two of it.

8. I tied string on both ends of the small black stick as the Lovebird’s swing.

9. I glued the Lovebird’s on the stick, attached the bunting on both ends of it(just below the sitting Lovebirds), then inserted the swing strings to the bottle opening cover holes.

10. I dressed the cover up with a nice paper and made sure that the knots from the strings will get covered.

11. I used stick glue to seal the cover then hide the glue remnants with a lovely ribbon.


Note: Before sealing the cover, you can think of any add ons to make your Lovebird’s cage more adorable. In my case, I cut small pieces of paper then pour them in.

10981215_10205042541279192_5653009842552809587_n 10426561_10205042542119213_8471216274574828091_n10177897_10205042542519223_1533375229029541032_n

That small black stick will play as the swing for the Lovebirds.

10471001_10205042543119238_4247467931531009147_n1779871_10205042543599250_269336787402644417_n10251898_10205042542839231_167693087199666045_n 10922469_10205042539679152_6555258079023124762_n    10421965_10205042539959159_6604705605482505119_n10410972_10205042540319168_8438579852283152660_n10686895_10205042540639176_5929822384915729983_n    10982464_10205042543879257_7495642762126084579_n


It’s ADORABLE, right?

I hope you will try to make one, too!

Have a great day sweeties!


Ayie ❤