DIY Small Cardboard Luggage Bag

Hello sweeties! I hope you are still there. It has been centuries I guess. I am trying my best to post and share something to you guys. Finally, this year(2018) I made my first diy project again. It is a small luggage bag made from cardboard!


If you wanna know how I made this, you can check it out at my Youtube channel.

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Thank you.






DIY Christmas Decors & Ornaments

Hello, sweeties!

It is Christmas time! I have made some decors and ornaments through paper macheing. If you wanna see them, watch here…


I hope you’ll take time to watch. Thank you.




#DIY HAND-Painted Mason Jars

Hello, Sweeties!

I have got another thing that’s keeping me busy. Aside from the clothespin, I am at the moment into this as well.

These painted mason jars can be used in many ways. They can be candle holders or you can stuff them with little things(whatever you want that can fit in) then cover-up with their lids.



  • Acrylic gloss paint (for glass)
  • Acrylic spray paint
  • Small flat paint brush
  • Small piece of sponge(I used for smudges)
  • Alcohol
  • Paper plate to use as a palette
  • Toothpicks to paint the small details
  • Mason jars
  • Jute strings(for accent/ornament)


  1. Wipe down the jars with alcohol to remove all dirt and oils.
  1. Start with the design that you want. At the moment, I chose snowman(it will be in variations) then with my favorite fruits, watermelon and strawberry. There are plenty of designs that you can think of.  Let dry.
  2. While waiting for the paint to dry, paint the lids with acrylic spray.
  3. Surround the jar’s neck with jute string for an accent/ornament.


I hope you liked my work.




#Paper Mache chickens


Recently, I posted about my first paper mache creation(hen), which I named, Kokok. From then on, I began to use papers in my crafting activities. look at this. Another good example of making use of paper instead of fabric or felt(an excuse because I don’t get time to grab fabrics and sew). Those chickens on the screen are so adorable that I really wanted to make my version, but since I don’t get time to sit and sew, I made a paper mache version. SEE!


They are almost the same as the ones made of fabric, right?


Soooo cutipiiiieee they are!


I made an addition to those cutie ones- a mother hen, turned into a flower vase. Initially, I wanted this to be an egg tray but I realized the color won’t match the stand that I made for it to seat on(I will show you later sweeties). So, I finally decided to stuff it with flowers ^_^. Bright idea, right?

On how I made them, refer to this link as what I did myself.


Goodluck sweeties!

Love ❤



Sew us!


I bought these fabrics in a shop called CRAFTLAND. All their products are from UK. I really adore that shop but the only problem is, items are quite costly. I have thought of so many things to make out of these fabrics but I don’t have enough time. I also bought these cushion sheets from a shop that sells very affordable items from all sorts, which I don’t intend to use as a cup cover or a bath mat or placemat but for something else like a bunting or a coaster maybe.

I just hope that this weekend, I could sit and turn these stuffs into pretty creations!

What is your plan for this coming weekend?


Ayie ❤