#DIY Painted Plastic Organizer(REVAMPED)

Hi, sweeties!

I have got another project here! Yes, it used to be a boring yellow plastic organizer and now it has a new look.

If you want to see how I did it, check it out here. Thank you.


I hope you liked it sweeties.



#DIY Cardboard Beauty Organizer

HI, sweeties!

I made an organizer out of cardboard this time(actually I am collecting as much cardboard as I can for my lined up diy projects ^_^.

If you are interested on how I made this cutipie organizer, you can check it out here.


I hope you liked it sweeties!



#DIY Cardboard Instagram Inspired Frame

HI, sweeties!

I’ve got another cute DIY here which is made of cardboard and inspired by INSTAGRAM. I saw it from one of the Youtube Channels, found it so cute, so I made my own version.

How I made it is here.


It’ so cute, right?



#DIY Cardboard Letters

Hi, sweeties!

I have made another diy from an empty carton or cardboard(I really don’t know what to call it :P). I am so happy how it turned out and it matched those cardboard shelves that I just made as well.


I just covered them with some nice printed papers and DONE!

How do you like them?




Hi, sweeties!

I have got three wall decor ideas that are fun and easy to do. Two of them are made from cardboard or carton boxes and the other one is a flower decorated string lights.

If you want to see how I made them you can watch at my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The narration is in my native language but you can fully understand the instruction by merely watching the video. I hope you will also subscribe though. Thank you :* .

Here is the link.


The edgings could have been perfectly done but I got lazy 😛 😛

I hope you will go and watch guys!

Thank you.



#DIY Photo Bunting

Hello, sweeties!

I have made a very easy wall decoration made out of printed images. Yes, it is a photo bunting!



For the materials and easy steps, here it is …

I hope you like it, sweeties.






Re-purposed Plastic Bottle

Hello sweeties!

Since I have decided to really learn about MAKE-UP, I need to have a container wherein I can put some make-up brushes. Instead of buying, I re-purposed an empty plastic bottle and turned it into a charming brush container!



I don’t have a white paint so I just made use of my printed papers(like a mod podge).


empty(softdrinks)bottle, printed papers, old buttons, broken rose earring, pearl bead, craft knife, scissors, white glue, small brush, stick glue, marker

How to:

  1. I cleaned the plastic bottle and removed the label.
  2. I marked the bottle as a gauge for cutting.
  3. I cut it with a craft knife

4. I traced first from that part(to cover)of the bottle which has a curve until the down edge.

5. I cut the paper then on their edges(up and down) I made small cuttings so when i start gluing to the bottle, it can somehow follow the shape especially the curvy edge.

Initially, there will be wrinkles from the paper but they will somehow go after awhile once you cover them up with glue.

6. Then, I covered the remaining part of the bottle with the same process as number 5.

7. I made use of that broken rose earring as an accent then added a pearl bead and red  and blue buttons.

F I N I S H E D!


How do you like my new project sweeties?