My Version of a very simple and light SMOKEY EYES :P

Hello sweeties!

I am back again with a new look(lols)! I am just wondering why I waited too long(like I am already 44 years old now) to get a bit of interest in putting on make-up. My 18 years old daughter says I am crazy. Well, being a mom doesn’t mean you don’t need to be beautiful anymore, right? Atleast, be beautiful for yourself, not just for the others to see. Aside from crafting, this is my one new hobby. I know I am poor in doing this because I am just a beginner and most of the products that I use are the not so cheap ones and hand-me down, so what to expect(do I need to explain? lols!) Anyways, I am doing this just for fun not to flaunt.

For mommies like me who are interested in simple or not so complicated application of make-up you can refer to my initial post  Simple Make-up Tutorial for women who don’t know about make-up,like me!. In this look , I followed the same steps except that I used  gold as a base and dark brown for the outer lid on eyes then nude lipstick.

Note: My phone camera is really not good, sorry. The truth is the make-up looks good in real(my friends said). I don’t use false eyelashes because  I find them heavy. Less is better :P.


How do you find my look sweeties?




Simple Make-up Tutorial for women who don’t know about make-up,like me!

Hello, sweeties!

This post is going to be different and really the first time that I did in my entire life. Honestly, I am not a MAKE-UP person, I mean that one who really uses so much on the face like a full make-up thing. I just wear a BB cream and lipstick(of course with eyebrows and winged-eyeliner)and that’s it!

Today, I dared to use some additional stuffs like pressed powder, contour pallet and blush-on pallet(which are hand-me down from a friend), white and brown eyeliner, highlighter and concealer. OMG!

This is the finished product and it is up to you judge, sweeties.

Down below photos will be the steps on how I achieved this look.

Note: I am not a make-up guru but I am so resourceful (lols!).












*It’s OUT CURL 😛 (sorry, I am 44 years old and my eyes are bad 😛 )


F I N I S H E D!


I hope you enjoyed my funny make-up tutorial sweeties!