Re-purposed Plastic Bottle

Hello sweeties!

Since I have decided to really learn about MAKE-UP, I need to have a container wherein I can put some make-up brushes. Instead of buying, I re-purposed an empty plastic bottle and turned it into a charming brush container!



I don’t have a white paint so I just made use of my printed papers(like a mod podge).


empty(softdrinks)bottle, printed papers, old buttons, broken rose earring, pearl bead, craft knife, scissors, white glue, small brush, stick glue, marker

How to:

  1. I cleaned the plastic bottle and removed the label.
  2. I marked the bottle as a gauge for cutting.
  3. I cut it with a craft knife

4. I traced first from that part(to cover)of the bottle which has a curve until the down edge.

5. I cut the paper then on their edges(up and down) I made small cuttings so when i start gluing to the bottle, it can somehow follow the shape especially the curvy edge.

Initially, there will be wrinkles from the paper but they will somehow go after awhile once you cover them up with glue.

6. Then, I covered the remaining part of the bottle with the same process as number 5.

7. I made use of that broken rose earring as an accent then added a pearl bead and red  and blue buttons.

F I N I S H E D!


How do you like my new project sweeties?





Re-purposed Tin Can(Valentine’s Day gift)

Hi, sweeties!

It is 5 days away to Valentine’s day! Excited? Not me :'(. I am single and I am happy. Anyways, I want to share what I made last night as a Valentine’s gift to a friend. Last time, she mentioned that she wants something that she can stuff her precious things. Since, I am broke, I thought of gifting her that but in a most pocket friendly way :P.

There was this old tin can which was just lying in my cupboard(perfume packaging from Body Shop). I thought of making it into something useful so I can gift it to her. So, I came up with this (I guess) pretty vintage inspired re-purposed tin can.




tin can, kraft paper(you can use any printed paper also depending on the design that you want), paper napkins, music note printed paper, fabric lace, pearl beads, white glue, thin brush, stick glue, pencil, scissors, needle and thread, any printed word that you want, I used “HAPPINESS”, jute string and button

How to:


After covering the lid, from top to side around, I started accentuating it.


On how I made the spiral rose, you can refer here http://tallystreasury.com/2011/05/paper-orchids-and-spiralled-paper-roses/


I used a paper napkin(which I got from a restaurant 😛 ^_^)in making the spiralled paper rose then I glued a pearl bead in the center of it. I made three of them.

Then I started to work on the lid by gluing halfway center across a fabric lace then placed the three flowers beside it. I cut a butterfly and a feather from the music note printed paper. Also her initial which is “M” with a heart on it(stitched around) I added a jute string on the feather’s stem and a button on top of it. Then I cut the word Happiness.




HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY Sweeties! I hope you liked this idea.








#DIY Mod Podge Shoe/Shirt Boxes(repurposed)

HELLO! Yes, it is me again, sweeties.

I really want to be productive while sitting home. I was clearing some unwanted stuffs and I saw these empty shoe box and shirt boxes(which I got from an online shop). I admit my crafting tools/stuffs are everywhere! I barely get time to nicely keep them because I am a working woman and I only get a little bit of time during my off days(and that is just once a week). This is also the reason why I am on and off in posting and showcasing my DIY ideas or how you may call it(lols). I am just waiting for something at this time that is why I am a free woman for couple and couple of days!! Yey!

Ok, so here it is now. I am presenting my new repurposed items where I can organize and stuff my crafting tools and the likes.



Empty boxes, printed papers(got the prints online ^_^ downloaded and copy pasted them in an A4 size paper then print!), lace for the accent, glue(I just used an ordinary white glue)a brush, glue stick, pencil for tracing and masking tape(optional).



How to:

  1. I traced the size of every corner of the boxes that needed to be covered then cut.
  2. I applied a good a mount of glue then pasted the paper on each part(I did not cover the inside because I am a big time lazy specimen!)
  3. You can think of how you want to mix match your printed papers or create a design out of them like what I did. Example is that music note prints. I cut some rose prints and pasted them on top of that. Then on the other box, I pasted two different prints and on the third box, I glued a piece of lace. It is up to you. BE CREATIVE!
  4. I poured an amount of glue with a sufficient part of water which I think I could apply for the whole three boxes. This will give the finish of a mod podge. Left to dry for sometime then PRESTO!


You can now start digging for old/empty shoe boxes or any box which you can make use of sweeties. I guarantee you, they are really pretty and functional. I am just beginning to stuff my things in them and I am so happy!

I hope you liked this post.







My #DIY Country Kitchen

Hi, sweeties!

Today, I want to share how my humble country kitchen looks like. I call it “Pinoy Style/My Style”, as usual.



I hope you liked it ^_^





#DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea 3


A bookmark is also a good idea, sweeties.


  1. yarn
  2. barbecue sticks
  3. printed/colored paper
  4. glue
  5. scissors
cut out of this
then attach to one end of the bbq stick
then a feather-like cut out in different colors, as you wish
then attach them one by one on top of each other not covering each one… it should be like this 🙂



How do you find it, sweeties?






#DIY Paper clip Designs


I was looking at these paper clips awhile ago and I realized, they look so boring. I decided to dress them up using the left over printed papers which I used in my recent paper crafs(paper hen, bunting).

It’s very easy! Just grab your:

  1. Printed Papers
  2. Scissors
  3.  Glue
  4. Glue stick
  5. Cardboard
  6. and of course the Paper Clips


You can cut any design that you want. There are endless ideas! Be creative 🙂


See this side? On its tip, you should glue cut small pieces of cardboard(2 pcs.). Do as what is seen on the photo.


Now, on this side glue/paste the desired design. I used a flower design which I cut of course. It appears like this in the back. The cardboard will make the paper design stronger and more stuck to the clip.


There’s the front view! I put some dot in the center and finished!


I made a heart design as well. Same step I followed. 🙂


I also thought of cutting a small bunting. See the photo?


Glue and finished!


They don’t look boring at all, right?

Love ❤



#DIY farm animals!


Lately, I am engrossed with cardboard and paper crafting. Yesterday, I saw this photo down(made of wood, I guess). Immediately, I grabbed a pencil and some cardboard. On TOP is my version. LOVE it!!


My mistake is, I should painted the frame before I attached them to it. Anyways, It’s ok. I still LOVE what I made.

How I made this:

1. Drew

2. Cut(also served as the patterns)

3. Covered the cut image with lovely papers!

4. Put some accent(be creative)

5. Attached/Glued to the frame

6. Presto!

ck3 ck4

There will be add ons on this project of mine and will be shown on the next post.

How do you like it Sweeties?