#DIY Recycled Tray into a Shabby Chic Holder

Hi, sweeties!

I’ve got another re-purposed/re-cycled project. This shabby chic holder is made of two old plastic trays and a vase.

You can check how I made this at my Youtube Channel. Instruction is in English, sweeties ^_^.


I hope you will go and check it sweeties. Enjoy!






Hi, sweeties!

I have got three wall decor ideas that are fun and easy to do. Two of them are made from cardboard or carton boxes and the other one is a flower decorated string lights.

If you want to see how I made them you can watch at my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The narration is in my native language but you can fully understand the instruction by merely watching the video. I hope you will also subscribe though. Thank you :* .

Here is the link.


The edgings could have been perfectly done but I got lazy 😛 😛

I hope you will go and watch guys!

Thank you.



My #DIY Country Kitchen

Hi, sweeties!

Today, I want to share how my humble country kitchen looks like. I call it “Pinoy Style/My Style”, as usual.



I hope you liked it ^_^




My #DIY PORCH and Garden(in & out)

Hello, sweeties! I know it’s been a while. I got so hooked with so many things. I went for a long vacation to Philippines etc.

Anyways, I would like to share some changes in my little porch and smally garden.


13882476_10208984724231302_4937050661228873888_n13872930_10208984708550910_1461580542260085351_n13880233_10208984708150900_5402828807021506976_n13659136_10208984707710889_1825611231286314801_n13658970_10208984708990921_3873729276055341909_n13754348_10208984706190851_2583867648624413525_n13669668_10208984706030847_9010090327551833660_n (1)13615024_10208984707270878_8856663973533003962_n13872709_10208984706510859_816201726375652925_n13524302_10208702621418908_3466921304486739213_n13533331_10208702626459034_1538533206109232760_n13533026_10208702621898920_737240056957437931_n13466369_10208702625819018_1460807445074801491_n13507208_10208702625459009_2510320039504501085_n13512037_10208702627019048_6026902310308976363_n13501566_10208702622818943_8465553301925589623_n


My outside GARDEN


Next post will be my bedroom 🙂

Have a great day!



#DIY Valentine’s Day gift Idea 1


Mr. Cupid is just around the corner. Have you ever thought of a gift for your loved one?You have no what? It’s ok. Let’s cheers for that! But we have our parents, sisters, brothers, friends… ladies & gentlemen, lol!…etc.

I want to share the first idea. The all around mason jar with LOVE! This mason jar with a handle but without a lid was a favor from an event. I recycled it basically and I am gonna give it to my dearest friend. I call it all around because she can make use of it the way she wants it which is beneficial to her 😛

How to? It’s EASY(just move the cursor into the image then CLICK).


attach the fabric heart Here 🙂



I hope you liked it, sweeties.

Stay tuned for the next idea!





It’s quite a long while that I didn’t post since I became pretty occupied(sorry). Anyways, I want to share a little work that I made while back.

BIRYANI- an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat, fish, or vegetables.

It’s not only the food which I adore, it’s also the Pot where they serve it. I don’t want to throw them off. There are so many ways that you can make them as containers 🙂 I can only get them if the food is take away or for home delivery. I guess, I’ve got 6 of them already(because we don’t always go for home delivery). I decided to give them a little bit of a good look rather than plain.

I just:

  1. Painted.
  2. Made an improvised tool for the designing(like this sponge stuck into a plastic straw).
  3. PRESTO!



Now I can fill them with what ever I decide to fill :).

How do you like it?

Love ❤


#Repurposed Tin Cans(again)


Last time, I used fabric to cover those tin cans and turned them into pretty containers. This time, I used papers.

How I  made them is the same step as I did with the fabric.

1. I cut the paper according to the size of the tin(the body of the tin).

2. Glued the cut paper into the tin.

3. I used these decorative tape(I bought from this Japanese store name, DAISO)for the lid since it’s difficult to wrap it with paper.

4. Presto!

Note: These tins are merely for display only. You can’t stuff anything inside because once you close it with the lid, opening it again would spoil the paper/cover.

17707_10206003369979309_2265557242428924439_n11401086_10206003372339368_5031808250620437943_n1660763_10206003371779354_4088021744121604047_n11407274_10206003370619325_1516153907210836495_n 11426737_10206003372739378_1448005564690830791_n11401279_10206003373139388_4518471050903152146_n


I made another one, to make a company ;).


Have you tried repurposing anything yet?

Love ❤